Building Our Youth 

"We D.A.R.E our Youth to Succeed"

What does a school administrator say about our program?

What does a parent say about our program?

Why does this program exist: We have found that students who have incentives to perform better in the classroom, often respond with positive behavior.  MTA believes in utilizing athletics to emphasize four points of character development; they are Discipline Accountability Responsibility and Endurance (D.A.R.E. Training).  We will utilize our character development progress reports in conjunction with the classroom teachers and school administrators to qualify each participant weekly.

Who can participate: The program is available to 4th, 5th and 6th Graders (maximum 4 – 6th graders)

How are teams comprised:  Each team can consist of up to 18 players.  The competition on the field will be 8 v 8 (5 skill players and 3 linemen)

When will the season begin: Mentoring begins in February and Flag Season begins in March.

Where will the games take place: We will host the games at different locations near participating schools.  Games will be played on a regulation sized football field.

How will this benefit the school:  This will be a marketable after-school program for rising 4th and 5th grade students while encouraging physical activity.  The program will also contain a study hall component which will ensure students maintain a balance of academics and athletics. 

Program Requirements:

  • 45 minute Study Hall (once a week minimum)
  • 2 School Point of Contacts (1 must be an authorized school representative) 
  • Parents of students provide transportation